Over 100 Years of Brushmaking Excellence





After a century dedicated to quality and innovation in brushmaking, DQB remains true to its roots…

a family-owned, independent brush company.



After learning the brushmaking skills that had sustained generations of his family,

Heinrich Weinbaum, a Polish/German immigrant, founded Detroit Quality Brush in 1887.








DQB proudly opened its first manufacturing plant in 1892, and by 1908 it was producing brushes for the automotive industry. The company became a significant supplier to both World War efforts, making paint and maintenance brushes.







After growing into and out of three plants, DQB moved into its current manufacturing facility in 1974 - and moved

into the retail market as well. With the plant expanded to over 130,000 square feet, DQB serves retail and industrial

customers with the finest in materials, expertise, and service.





At the beginning of the 21st century, DQB is moving forward to continue product innovation and supplement customer-service with online support. Five generations later, the Weinbaum family and DQB take pride in its products and history, while looking to the future.